8 benefits of using Microsoft CSP for your Azure consumption

8 benefits you get from using a Microsoft Tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) for your Azure consumption

The Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program enables partners to directly work with and manage the customers lifecycle. The CSP can directly provision, manage and support customers subscriptions. Basefarm is Tier 1 CSP Partner, meaning that we work directly with Microsoft and not through a CSP Distributor. A Tier 1 CSP needs to prove themselves with capabilities like handling support and cloud expertise.

Are there any benefits of using a Tier 1 CSP?

Yes, there are! Let me list some of the main benefits of using a Tier 1 CSP:

  1. Local support with escalation path to Microsoft. If you for example use Basefarm, we will be your single point of contact for both technical and billing. In some circumstances we need to escalate the support case to Microsoft. In those cases, we have an advanced support agreement with better response times and priority.
  2. You pay only for what you need and what you use. No upfront payments. And you can end or move your subscriptions at any time.
  3. Monthly consolidated billing. If you’re using other services from us, we will consolidate and give you a summary invoice of all your spending including Azure.
  4. Drill down in your cloud spending. One of the important tasks when using the public cloud is having control on your cloud spending. By understanding who is using what and at what cost, you can optimize your environments. Your CSP can help you from being over charged for services you don’t need..
  5. Subscription provisioning and management. Save your IT department time in and let the CSP advice and provision your subscriptions. You’ll have the same control and features in the subscriptions.
  6. Competitive pricing compared to web/direct and Enterprise Agreement.
  7. Access to bundled services from the CSP, if your using Basefarm we offer for example (optional, billable); Azure Stack as a Service, Cloud Connect (Express Route), Cloud Operation Services (24/7 Monitoring, and more).
  8. Access to expert cloud consultants (optional, billable)


  • What services are available? – All the same Azure services available (there are a few exceptions for some rare cases).
  • How can I move my existing resource to a CSP subscription?- Microsoft has described how to move your subscriptions from EA and from Direct/web.
  • Can I still access the Azure Portal? – Yes, you can have full control and use services the way you are used to.
  • How often will I receive the invoice ?- If you partner with Basefarm we send you monthly invoices.
  • Can I see cost information in the Azure portal?- We will provide you with access to the portal where you can analyse your cloud spending.
  • Can I change to another CSP provider? – Yes, you can.
  • Can I buy all kinds of Microsoft licenses and Cloud usage through all CSP? – No. Each CSP provide Azure services that are part of their CSP agreement, make sure the CSP has the services you need.

About the author:

Geir Morten Allum – Senior Cloud Architect and Product Manager for  Azure and Azure Stack in Basefarm.

Geir Morten Allum has a long career of digital transformation and helping companies utilize IT in a smart at efficient way. Before joining Basefarm Geir Morten worked in Microsoft where he was Business Development Manager and Solution Specialist for Microsoft Azure/public cloud IT services. So, he is a true cloud-fanatic!

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