BF-SIRT Newsletter 2018-10

Netflix could pwn 2020s IT security – they need only reach out and take

The container is doomed, killed by serverless. Containers are killing Virtual Machines (VM). Nobody uses bare metal servers. Oh, and tape is dead. These, and other clichés, are available for a limited time, printed on a coffee mug of your choice alongside a complimentary moon-on-a-stick for $24.99. Snark aside, what does the future of containers really look like?

  • No one company is going to dominate IT security in the 2020s, but there is an empire to be built on building the very best workload wrapper money can buy.
  • VMware has all components to build this puzzle piece. Unfortunately, they’re trapped in whatever hell befell Microsoft in 2005.
  • Red Hat has most of the required components, but it will probably take them at least a decade to integrate all of it into systemd.
  • Nobody is going to build an empire on containers, because containers are only one part of a more important puzzle piece.
  • Netflix gave the world the Chaos Monkey, and then decided to build a full-scale Simian Army.
  • Which vendor(s) will pull it together and dominate that niche?


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