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Security Software & Tools Tips – October 2018

In this monthly post we try to make you aware of five different security related products. This is a repost from my personal website Ulyaoth. This month we have chosen the following: * Hiawatha * Shodan * GRR * Cloudfail * AbuseIO Hiawatha Hiawatha is a cool lightweight webserver that has a very easy syntax […]

Check for the Security-First Mindset Across All Teams

Check for the Security-First Mindset Across All Teams “Embedding security as a way of life is not a one-time event. It requires ongoing education through a variety of channels. Setting the tone from executive leadership is key, but this must be reinforced by direct management and across peer groups.” Read more..   Top 5 Security […]

Security is Not a One-Person Job

Security is not a one-person job. It can’t be accomplished with one person, it can’t be accomplished with one company. “Security is not a one-person job. It can’t be accomplished with one person, it can’t be accomplished with one company,” says Walls. “So we need partners, and we need friends in the industry to work […]

What is Big Data? – A definition with five Vs

To define where Big Data begins and from which point the targeted use of data become a Big Data project, you need to take a look at the details and key features of Big Data. Its definition is most commonly based on the 3-V model from the analysts at Gartner and, while this model is […]

Don’t let big data turn us into Big Brothers

What if Big Brother had access to big data technology? Big data handled without care might easily turn us all unknowingly into Big Brothers or their collaborators. Although some might see it differently, the society foreseen and described by George Orwell in the dystopian novel 1984 has not become reality. But what if Big Brother […]

Data is stupid; using it is clever

The rise of big data opens up new possibilities. By investing in the future and exploring use cases together with customers in many industries, Basefarm creates market leaders. Use cases for big data projects are everywhere. Take, for instance, predictive maintenance in the offshore industry (e.g. wind turbine maintenance) and the merits of the 360-degree […]

Data thinking is the holy grail of organic growth

Where does success come from? Nowadays, data thinking is a key component. It’s the culture that is responsible for SpaceX’s pioneering Falcon Heavy rocket launch as well as the secret behind hotels and bars remembering your favorite drink. If there is anything that drives the most successful businesses right now, it is the clever use […]

Big Data Intro-Webinar!

Watch webinar on demand! Big Data inspiration with Big Data Chief Evangelist, Klaas Bollhöfer! Big Data has become a buzzword over the last years. It is not just a stand-alone term but rather a combination of many aspects to reveal a whole picture. You might ask why Basefarm in particular is hosting a webinar about Big Data? […]