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Radar research: Basefarm Swedish “Leader in creating customer value”

Approximately 1000 Swedish organizations rated their IT-service providers based on customer value delivered Stockholm, 6th December 2018: Basefarm is a Swedish “leader in creating operational, tactical and strategic value” with its customers during 2018, analyst firm Radar reveals in a recent large research report. Since 2011, Radar annually deploys a large research project regarding perceived […]

Inera chooses basefarm

Increased focus on innovation by appointing Basefarm as supplier of services for IT Operations Stockholm, 3 October 2018: Inera, a developer of eHealth services for public sector health organizations and municipalities, has entered into an agreement with IT Operations supplier Basefarm. Through the cooperation Basefarm will manage and optimize operations and enable Inera to focus […]

SJ chooses basefarm for automated information security support

Strengthens security efforts through centralised log monitoring service, based on machine learning, allowing analysis and reporting of thousands of IT security events per second. SJ has entered into an agreement with IT Operations supplier Basefarm. The contract covers security services to further strengthen security and build an operative ability to monitor and manage up to […]

BF-SIRT Newsletter 2018-02

Microsoft released patches for Meltdown and Spectre, but it’s important to update ones antivirus before applying the patches. Latest WebLogic exploit caused an increase in compromised hosts being used for mining Cryptocurrencies. F-Secure finds a new Intel AMT Security Issue which gives hackers with physical access full control of laptops in 30 seconds. Top 5 […]